Electronics and AI projects

Professional work at Yanmar

Here are three projects that I have worked on at Yanmar

3D computer vision for agriculture

I am a part of the team developing a 3D computer vision system for agricultural automation.

Fish tracking and counting

I have been a part of the team developing automated acquaculture solutions.

Automated construction

I am a part of the team working on automated construction machinery in Moonshot CAFE project.

Hobby Projects

Here are some of my hobby projects

GPU architectures for deep learning

Every AI engineer uses GPUs and CUDA, but how well do we know our GPUs? In this two-part series, .I introduce the CUDA programming model and analyze AI acceleration features in 5 generations of NVIDIA GPUs.

Industrial grade embedded AI Part 1

I am writing a series of blog posts on creating industrial grade embedded AI solutions on Jetson AGX Xavier with TensorRT. The first part is out. Read the blog post on Learn OpenCV.

Industrial grade embedded AI Part 2

Learn how to apply your computer vision skills to create industrial products. This is the second part of the industrial embedded AI series. Read the blog post on Learn OpenCV.

NVIDIA GTC 2022 Highlights

I covered summaries of about 45 talks at NVIDIA GTC 2022 conference for LearnOpenCV with special emphasis on the Hopper architecture and Jetson AGX Orin

Brilliant Start

Jensen's Keynote

Deep dive into Hopper architecture

Meet the new Jetson Orin

Home security with AI

Home security using embedded devices ranging from the Raspberry Pi Zero all the way upto Jetson AGX Xavier. This system has been in use at my home for ~5 years. Listed as a Jetson community project by NVIDIA.

Real-time style transfer in a zoom meeting

I implemented real-time style transfer from scratch in PyTorch and showed the results live in a zoom meeting. Read the blog post about this on Learn OpenCV.

Object detection on a drone

I extended NVIDIA Object Detection Toolkit (ODTK) to perform object detection in real-time on a video footage. My pull request was accepted and merged into the ODTK. Results verified on drone.

Space Laser

I built a *safe* and powerful laser communication system capable of sending messages into space.

Efficient approximate nearest neighbor search inspired by fruitflies

I implemented FlyHash algorithm proposed by Dasgupta et. al. and explained their paper.

Improving fruitfly inspired similarity search algorithms

I worked with Prof. Saket Navlakha from Salk Institute of Biological Studies to improve the performance of fruitfy inspired ANN algorithm. Our algorithm increased search mAP by 50%-90%.

Experiments with Swish activation function

I implemented Swish and wrote a blog post about it within a day after the paper came out.